The Great Polish Map of Scotland

Name: The Great Polish Map of Scotland

Alternative names: General Maczek’s Great Polish Map of Scotland, Black Barony

Location: Barony Castle Hotel, Eddleston, near Peebles

NGR: NT 13103 77298

Classification: Sculpture

Date: 1974-79

Designer: Kazimierz Trafas

Status: Category B-listed

Canmore ID: 101352

Description:  The map was instigated by the hotel owner, Jan Tomasik and cartographer Kazimierz Trafas, who together with volunteers from the Jagiellonian University, Krakow constructed the map between 1974-79.  Polish forces were stationed at Barony Castle during WW2.  The 1:10,000 scale relief is understood to be the largest outdoor relief map in the world.  Of his map Tomasik stated “I shall die, but I shall leave my map as a gift to the Scottish people to thank them for the hospitality they showed the Poles when it was needed”.  The Map which measures 1590 square metres, was uncovered in 2010 and restored by volunteers. The Great Polish Map of Scotland

A visit in 2017 confirmed the site to be well maintained.

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